3D with options

Is an upgraded subscription from ‘3D’ which provides options of changing the sizing, colour and material of the product, and also the 3D visual that will be updated with any changes to the options.

3D flexibility

With these options available on the system of units, you are able to change many points on the 3D unit, and instantly see the modification in a 3D visualisation.

What are the things you can modify?

The ‘3D with Options’ package gives you a variety of modifications and features that you are able to do and change and view your updates as a 3D model in one click.

  • You are able to customise the size (Width, Depth, Height) between a minimum and maximum range or you have an option to choose any predetermined size.
  • You have the option of choosing the quantity of doors you may want your product to have and the option of where to place the hinges and even change the overhang size.
  • You can change the quantity of shelves.
  • You can choose the quantity of drawers and select the runner length.
  • You also have the option of selecting the right material to match your design and your ideas, and one click away from viewing it in 3D.

How the ‘3D with Options’ package is different from the ‘3D’ package.

Show your clients your exact designs with photo-realistic renderings and immersive 360 degree rotating views! No need to photograph every colour option or different product variations. All external influences; light, colour and material, can be easily modified and viewed in one click. Any modifications made using the options provided; the 3D Visual Solution model will be instantly updated, so you are able to see the amendments you make in 3D realism.