Frequently asked questions

Why are we different?

We provide a service on the web, a completely different and new software. Most 3D software’s are only available once you download them onto your tablet, laptop, or computer- this is where ours excels. Our service can be accessed online without the added requirement or strain of needing to download anything. If you make any modifications to the 3D model that we have created for you, we redraw and recalculate the unit, meaning that the components that you want to modify are changed and components that you want kept the same, remain.

Almost all other 3D visual services use templates made from other 3D software’s- this means that once you make the unit bigger, they stretch the image instead of changing the size. The components deform and you will no longer have a scaled image, so they will not be able to provide the correct sizing of the unit, unlike us. We not only provide precise modifications, but we also provide a breakdown of the product with all the specific measurements of each component, if using predetermined sizing or modifies.

Whats the main benefits of going from 2D to 3D?

The product design process is on average around 45% faster which allows efficient use of time and gains professional results in unthinkable time. With 3D Visual Solution you can beat your competitors with the most updated 3D software that has realistic representations of your product that can also be viewed in 360 degrees. Satisfactory marketing content and profitable sales generated from the ability to create renderings and animations for design proposals or reviews.

How can this help me to get more customers?

3D modelling opens a new door for the customer, a door that a photograph or a 2D model simply cannot. You and the customer will be able to interact with new imaginations and ideas and experiment with different materials and sizes without having to get up out of your seat. 3D Visual Solution also makes it easy and simple for a customer to use and personalise a template to suit their needs if necessary, while also having the standard set measurements.

Therefore, combined this makes the software flexible and easy to use, to suit your own specific requirements. This program enables ordinary people with no professional background to produce professional, high quality work.

How can I subscribe?

To start a subscription with 3D Visual Solution, contact us as info@3d-visual-solution.com . We will give you a breakdown of all the packages available to you and make sure you apply for a package that will be best suited to you and your requirements.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All main aspects of the subscription will need to be done via written communication- email. You will need to contact us before the end of your subscribed month, so that you do not move onto the next month’s subscription. Once you have subscribed to use you have made an agreement with our terms and conditions, which stated that refunds are NOT available.

What information do I send so a template can be made?

For us to be able to make a template for you, we need a design, picture or even a video of the product. These need to show exactly what the product is so we can make the exact 3D visual of it. We will also need you to send the measurements of the product so we can make an exact 1:1 scale of the product. We will then use these measurements as the predetermined sizing of the 3D model.

Will I need to send more information so the 3D model can be modified with the options feature?

No, once we make you the template and you have subscribed to a package that allows the template to have options, then our service automatically can change the 3D model with new measurements that can be inputted from your website. This is why our service is made for you so we can make it as easy and efficient as possible for you and you will not need to send any more measurements after sending the information for the first template. Our service is made to do everything for you.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

If none of these questions provide that answers the you are looking for or you want a deeper understanding, please make sure to get in touch, and we will provide you with the correct answers.