Visual Solution for Furniture Re-Seller

As it becomes more common to search the internet for a selection of designs, clients often struggle to blend their favourite designs into one or figure out how the placement of products would fit into their space. With 3D solutions, a client’s ability to view products in any given dimension allows them to accurately select a product which is a perfect fit for them. This in turn saves time and spending for you by ensuring the product is as expected the first-time round.

When an accurate vision is shown to your clients, their expectations increase and hence, a better chance to prove perfection in this field is achievable. We ensure to meet these standards and aim to provide clients with a product that exceeds their expectations. When the final design is complete, it is shown to the client for finalization, allowing any adjustments that the client requests, to be made.

With the help of 3D modelling your client can review the placement of the product in the space it is intended for. The product can be resized, different textures applied, cuts can be changed and even colours can be switched to match the overall aesthetic of their space. With the ability for your client to receive a quote in minutes, time is saved, and clear communication is achieved with your client.